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From Intelligentsia to Meteor x Giordana | Racing with Colin Strickland

Who says an Environmental Consultant can't change careers and become a professional bike racer? For athlete Colin Strickland there was no going back. His dream for Intelligentsia Racing was simple...#winning. Learn about the origins and how we partnered with Colin and his team to get them the gear they needed to fulfill this dream. 

Words by JP Partland. Images by Roman SiromakhaTravis Hallmark, Intelligentsia Racing, and Meteor x Giordana Racing.  

Easy-going and approachable off the bike; intense on two wheels.  Both things can be said about great coffee and Colin Strickland, the marquee rider of the  2017 Intelligentsia Racing team, sponsored by Intelligentsia Coffee and Giordana. 



Colin founded Intelligentsia Racing after developing into an all-around racing threat.  He had success on the road, in criteriums, and on the muddy fields of cyclocross before turning to fixed-gear road racing and winning repeatedly at Red Hook Crit events, including four races in a row and the overall in 2016.  With his success and personality, Giordana happily came along for the ride, bringing customized kits for each RHC event, to better celebrate the races and further brand identity for Intelligentsia Coffee.

Four races, four kits. With the bespoke Custom program, Giordana creates unique kits for each race. Giordana put the Intelligentsia name in the middle of the uniform, but everything else was inspired by the city hosting the events.  Julian Andretta, creative director, summed it up this way:

" when I was thinking about the team’s kit, I thought it would be really fun to have a new look for each race, inspired by the location in some way, national colors or landmarks, or the country’s flag."



Crazy kits are common at RHC events, with designers going wild.  Giordana wanted to have designs that not only called attention to the Intelligentsia team, but belonged at the front of the pack, where the team expected to race.  Their two favorites: the Brooklyn and London kits. 

The Brooklyn No. 10 look was inspired by the iconic Brooklyn Chewing Gum cycling team’s jersey, an Italian team sponsored by an Italian company.  And that jersey was an adaptation of the United States National Champion jersey—that had a blue upper half, with white stars, and vertical red and white stripes for the lower half.  The Brooklyn jersey shared the blue upper, but with the Brooklyn name splashed across the front and back and red and white vertical stripe lower. 


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